Food on the day

Geek Retreat, who are kindly hosting Spaghetti ConJunction, is a gaming cafe. Especially for the event, they’ve arranged to offer table service. During the first game session, from about 12:30 to 1:30, Geek Retreat staff will come to each Gaming table in turn to take orders for lunch, which will be delivered to the tables shortly afterwards. You can order anything from their wide menu but all we ask is – please don’t order Baked Potatoes! (They’ll slow things down a bit.)

Of course you’re free to wait until the first game session is over, at 2:30, to sort your lunch out, if you prefer.

If you’re wearing a Spaghetti ConJunction badge (issued when you arrive), you’ll get 50p off any meals ordered and soft drinks at a reduced price (£1 for most soft drinks, £1.50 for Monster, Relentless or Coke).

Please make full use of the cafe facilities whilst you’re playing your games – I have a soft spot for their cheese nachos – and don’t bring in any food or drink bought outside. (Exceptions can be made for special dietary requirements, but Geek Retreat can handle most requests, so please feel free to ask if you’ve got any questions.) Of course, if you want a wider range of options, Spaghetti ConJunction takes place right in the heart of the City with everything you could possibly went right outside, if you fancy popping out in the 2:30-3:30 break.