Games from 1b

These are the games that were advertised in advance for Spaghetti ConJunction 1b. Even more were offered on the day.

Morning Session

Pandora’s Box.

DESCRIPTION: A psychological sci-fi-action thriller. It is 2450, and you are the Unstoppables, infantry veterans and propaganda darlings of the Corps, after you committed a heroic action that helped win the Minos Campaign.

The game opens as you awaken from stasis after being sent off to fight in another campaign. You are being urged by marines to evacuate after an attack on their base, and the story propels from there. But where the hell are the lab techs that would normally wake you and check you out? And why is the lab door blasted down? Only one way to find out!

GM; Chris Dean (Psychic Cactus Games).

SYSTEM: uses a single D6 and a limited number of totals for a cinematic and rather brutal game all about building scenes to exciting climaxes. A brand new game from a local game designer.

NOTES: will feature mild psychological horror and some blood and gore. Suitable for 12+.



It is the year 2064. World Space Patrol ship Fireball XL5 has received an urgent message from Space City. Patrol ship XL14 – responsible for patrolling sector 24 – has been lost with all hands. Before being destroyed, the crew were able to send one last Neutroni radio message.

The planet Plytus has been obliterated by a fleet of Granitoid Warships. Granitoids are a race of virtually invincible robots. Their only weakness, the rare mineral, plyton, was only found on the planet Plytus. With that gone there is nothing to stop them wreaking havoc across the Milky Way.

And now they’re on their way to Earth.

Your mission is to do anything you can to slow delay their invasion fleet to allow the World Space Patrol to call in the other Fireball craft from their assigned sectors to defend Earth.

Anything you can.

A big budget Hollywood update of the class 1960’s TV series starring:

IDRIS ELBA – as Colonel Steve Zodiac
ZOE SALDANA – as Space Doctor Venus
MORGAN FREEMAN – as Professor Matthew “Matt” Matic
ANDY SERKIS – as Robert the Robot
JOHNNY DEPP – as Zoonie the LaZoon

GM: Simon Burley

System: The Code of the Spacelanes – an easy to learn system based on 2d6 with magic happening every time you roll a double.

Tags: Gerry Anderson, Space, Rocket ships, Jet Bikes, Aliens, Robots

Notes: There is absolutely no need to have any previous knowledge of the TV series or the game system.

Players: 2-5

Free Lezam Kigla!

Three years after the Battle of Endor, the Empire is in chaos. The Free Corellian Alliance has declared independence and stands against the remnants of the Empire, many little better than warlords. One such fragment is the human-supremacist Imperial State, led by the self-declared Grand Moff Cunha.

Cunha has kidnapped Lezam Kigla, an outspoken critic of the Imperial State and announced his intent to execute her. The leaders of the Free Corellian Alliance and remaining agents of the Imperial Security Bureau are reluctantly co-operating on a hastily-planned mission to rescue Kigla.

You are that team.

All you have to do is travel to Corfai, persuade Imperial State defector Brovu Gehme to give you some recent codes so you can sneak your ship to Nubia, heart of the Imperial State, break into the jail where Kigla is held, rescue her, and escape. And all that before the tensions between the Free Corellians and the Imperials boil over. What could possibly go wrong?

GM: Neil Smith

System: Star Wars: Edge of Empire (FFG)

Notes: Given the potential for adult situations, this game is not recommended for under 18s.

Players: 4-6

Headless in Rapid City

A Mash-up game with the characters from Supernatural/Grimm/Sleepy Hollow TV shows.
The Rapid City Journal, South Dakota’s finest newspaper in the Black Hills area, seems to be running several news stories about supernatural occurrences. Escaped tigers attacking people, biker gangs decapitating each other, lightning strikes across the city, strange graffiti that looks like occult glyphs, historic swords stolen from museum, and to top it all the smell of sulphur is prevalent throughout the city.
Coincidences or the signs of a greater supernatural event to bring doom upon us all?

GM: Darran Sims

System: Cortex Prime

Tags: Supernatural/Grimm/Sleepy Hollow TV shows, Urban Horror, Character Driven, Gang and Horror Elements.

Players: Up to 7. New player friendly.

Afternoon Session

 28 Trains Later.

DESCRIPTION: Not a typical I Love the Corps game; this is Thomas the Tank Engine meets 28 Days Later! Set in the Isle of Sodor, in the modern day, can a group of people trapped inside Annie escape alive? A comedy survival horror. Not for the faint of heart, or for kids.

GM; Chris Dean (Psychic Cactus Games).

SYSTEM: uses a single D6 and a limited number of totals for a cinematic and rather brutal game all about building scenes to exciting climaxes. A brand new game from a local game designer.

NOTES: will feature grotesque blood and gore and ruin your childhood. Not suitable for children.


Big Trax & Magic Tricks

This news is even better than getting a brand new Sony Walkman, one of your childhood toys is actually based on a real British tank. A proper full sized Bigtrak on display at the County Show with more tanks, old steam engines, magnetrine ships, market stalls, and even a magic show. What could go wrong?

GM: Darran Sims

System: Tales from the Loop

Tags: Player-led, Sci-Fi (Alt-History), Nostalgia Play, No Pre-gens, Rules-lite, Newbie Friendly.

Players: Up to 5. New player friendly.

Chariot of the Gods

A sprawling fantasy saga in an afternoon. Starting in an impossible situation with their backs against the wall your brave, your cunning adventurers will claw their way to victory using just their wits, courage and willingness to spit into the winds of Fate. There’ll be epic battles, struggles for survival, political wranglings, ancient magicks, evil villains, monsters and madness. I can’t reveal any more details of the scenario without giving away the plot. You’ll just have to trust me. I’ve run this adventure before and it’s EPIC.

It’s set on Aertha, your fairly typical Swords and Sorcery world with all the usual races, roles and tropes. What’s different is it uses my new fantasy rules, The Code of Warriors and Wizardry. If you’ve played in my Code games before, you’ll have some inkling of what it’s all about. Easy but breathtakingly broad character creation. You can make literally whatever you want – even a whole new Race of creatures for the world. Fast and cinematic conflicts. Only 2d6 but truly magical things happen when you roll a double.

BUT, even I wasn’t fully prepared for how the wide range of player options in the game transform the fantasy experience. Dungeons and Dragons this ain’t. It depends on the players but, usually, there’s a tendency towards the grand and the gonzo – as much Monty Python and the Holy Grail as Game of Thrones.

A sprawling fantasy saga in an afternoon.

GM: Simon Burley

System: The Code of the Warriors and Wizardry – an easy to learn system based on 2d6 with magic happening every time you roll a double.

Tags: Swords, Sorcery, high adventure, epic fantasy.

Notes: Suitable for beginners and experts alike.

Players: 2-6

GM: Simon Burley
Players: 2-6